Renters in shock after burglar uses power tools to break into Lee’s Summit storage unit

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LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — Renters at a storage center said they couldn’t believe what they’d found.

Police in Lee’s Summit said those people were ripped off during the weekend, as a burglar used power tools to cut through the walls of their storage units at the Storage Mart on U.S. Highway 291.

LSPD Sgt. Chris Depue said the criminals gained access to a vacant storage unit by cutting through a padlock on one unit, and cutting through the walls to access three others. One burglary victim told police he didn’t see anything had been stolen, but others said they’d found some items missing and others smashed.

“Boxes were everywhere. I’d had them stacked nice and neat. They were just ripped through,” Drew Hacker, a Storage Mart renter, said.

Hacker and his family had stored items at Storage Mart while they relocated from one house to another. The walls of his storage space were torn through, and his rented unit was trashed. One photo shows his flatscreen TV had been kicked in Storage Mart’s property is equipped with security cameras. A Storage Mart spokesperson said video has been turned over to police.

“It looked like they were searching for any valuables. We haven’t quite gone through it all yet. We’re still looking through it to see what was taken,” Hacker said. “It looked like they got into one unit and cut the side walls out of the rest of the units. They got into my unit and destroyed everything.”

Depue said it’s rare for burglars to aggressively cut through storage unit walls. Photos posted by another renter to the Facebook group Stolen KC shows damage that was left behind.

“You always want to be ok. You hope your stuff is being taken care of. There’s always a risk to everything you do,” Hacker said.

Hacker said he and his family had insurance on their storage space. He recommends that anyone renting a storage space to keep a close eye on it. Police often suggest keeping an inventory of everything that’s stored inside. 

Sarah Little, a spokesperson with Storage Mart, said the damage is being repaired. Little added that the company is working with police in their investigation.



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