Rep. trying to slam away homelessness puts sledgehammer down

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HONOLULU, Hawaii — State Representative Tom Brower had an inventive and controversial solution to root out homelessness in his district. He was taking a sledgehammer to abandoned shopping carts.

But that solution has earned him some vocal critics according to TV station Hawaii News Now. Journalist Jim Mendoza reports that on a recent trip to his office, Brower shared some unsavory voice mails from his constituents.

“Who do you think you are to go around using a sledgehammer on anything because you think somebody doesn’t deserve it,” a caller stated according to HNN.

After reviewing more critical messages, Brower told Mendoza that it may have not been the best idea.

“I guess I shouldn’t use the sledgehammer because it’s a really loaded image,” Brower told Mendoza.

He went on to say that the image he’s cast runs contrary to his purpose. He told the station that they are experiencing an ‘economic disaster’ and that people on the streets need a place to stay. He’s putting the hammer down for now, but hopes that people will start paying attention.

“I think a lot of positive dialogue is going to come out because I don’t know how you ignore this issue anymore,” he said.



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