Report: Facebook Video Ads Headed To Your News Feed



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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Remember that time when we all loved Facebook? That may soon be known as the “good old days,” after a new report Tuesday said automatic video ads are headed to your news feed, according to Gizmodo.

What could make it possibly even worse: the video commercials can, and will, show up not only on your desktop, but its mobile and tablet counterparts.

But wait, there’s more: there’s no play button. And Facebook is apparently “still debating whether to have the audio component of the ads activated automatically as well,” AdAge said.

If you’re still reading, the new about-to-be-ultra-annoying ads would roll out in early 2013. And only time will tell if that’ll be the moment if the site’s 1 billion users begin to unfriend the social media giant.

The silver lining might just be… it’s been unconfirmed, as of yet.



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