Gunman opens fire inside Norwood church

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NORWOOD, Mo. — Officials in Wright County, Mo., say a man walked into a church and fired a shot into the floor Sunday.

Witnesses told KSPR-TV around 50 people were inside the First Baptist Church in Norwood, Mo., when the incident happened during one of the morning services.

The station reported churchgoers were able to tackle the man and held him down until police arrived.

Another shot fired off into the ceiling while the man was being subdued, the station said.

KY3-TV reported one of the men who helped tackle the shooter hurt his shoulder. There were no immediate reports of anyone else being hurt.

The shooter’s name has not been released.

The Wright County Sheriff’s Office told KY3-TV the shooter is in custody and could have mental health issues.

Norwood is located approximately 57 miles east of Springfield, Mo.



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