Rescued beagle Buster set to go home with Army veteran who saved him

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The story of a beagle rescued by Army veteran Aaron Schneider last week touched the hearts of thousands, not just in Kansas City, but across the country.

And after countless well-wishes, the dog will be released from the hospital on Tuesday, June 17. Schneider named the beagle Buster, and he will be taking Buster home.

Schneider saw the beagle get hit last Tuesday on the highway. He ran across three lanes of traffic to help the dog, then waited with it for several hours after calling animal control.

“I could hear him, you know, yelping,” Schneider said.

Finally, Schneider and a friend took Buster to an animal hospital to get the help he needed.

“He had five broken ribs, and a punctured trachea,” said Schneider.

But the bills were high, an estimated $3,500, so Friends of KC Animals was called to help. The non-profit group helps pet owners take care of health bills if they’re unable to pay for them. When Aaron called, the group wasn’t sure how they’d be able to help.

“When Aaron and his friend called us we were back at zero dollars in the bank, and I knew that we had to help this beagle, so I was going to rely on social media to do that,” said Britton Hunter.

Social media helped, and since the story of Aaron and the beagle went viral around the country, Friends of KC Animals has seen a remarkable increase in donations.

“Because Aaron helped this one dog, Buster, our organization is now able to help dozens more animals, and we plan to do just that,” said Hunter.

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