Resident fed up with illegal dumping in Grandview

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. — A Grandview neighbor in Sunrise Farms is fed up with illegal dumping. In fact, Grandview is trying to stop the practice. But it’s what the Sunrise Farms resident found last night that has him so upset.

A “no dumping” sign has been put in place by the City of Grandview due to an increased amount of trash being left. One local resident is upset the Grandview Fire Department, which is part of the city, was using the area for training both Tuesday and Wednesday, and left some items behind.

“I respect what the fire department does, I appreciate what they do for the city, and I realize that they have to train to be as good as they are, it would just be better if they found a more appropriate place to do so,” said Grandview resident, Cary Ronan.

He says he came home from work Tuesday night and saw the training being conducted. Later that night, after the fire department left, he says he found leftover items which he took a picture of.

“What looked to be flares, a drum, and some miscellaneous things in the field next to the street,” Ronan said. “Instead of leaving what they left, leaving the burnt area on the street, it would just be more appropriate to have it in an area that wasn’t a residential zone.”

“We need space, we need realistic scenarios, we need roads and stuff like this, and that’s why we picked this area here,” said Rusty Sullivan, captain of the Grandview Fire Department.

He says every two years they test their engineers to make sure they can operate all the equipment, put out fires, and keep everyone safe.

“It takes some time to put the props up, so we leave them overnight, hopefully it won’t disturb somebody, but it always does a little bit, but the importance of it is that we have the engineers being able to test,” added Sullivan.

Kerri Lewis, the communications coordinator for the City of Grandview, says everyone is given a week to fix an issue.

“We do give residents and citizens an opportunity to clean up any debris they might have dumped or left behind, they receive a notice in the mail giving them seven days to clean it up and make it right before they’re actually fined,” said Lewis.

Sullivan says they will clean everything once they’re done with the two days of training.

“We’re just as concerned with dumping in the city of Grandview, a lot of us live here in town, we’re not going to leave it messy,” Sullivan said.

“Granted there aren’t a lot of houses or a lot of people, I just think it would be more appropriate somewhere else, especially not in an area that’s known for trash and illegal dumping,” added Ronan.

The fire department says training ends Wednesday and all of their trash will be removed.

Grandview’s Lewis says if anyone else has any concerns or questions to contact the city directly so they can take care of it.

The fire department also says if anyone finds anything out of order once they leave they’ll be happy to fix the problem as well.



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