Residents at Kansas City apartment complex fed up with failed promises to fix AC


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Michael Francis Weinberger says for him, it’s not just about being hot during summertime. He says having no air conditioning at Plaza Club City apartments has been detrimental to his physical health.

“I’ve got the hospital bills, along with the bills collected from the vet, along with collected bills from the hotel I’m staying at,” he said.

Weinberger collapsed in his apartment weeks after residents pleaded with management to fix the air conditioning system.

“This is a luxury apartment complex and I’m embarrassed to be telling people I’m living here right now.”

FOX4 reached out to City Club Management’s public relations firm. The company released a statement expressing residents would have working AC by June 24.

Weinberger said that didn’t happen for his unit.

“See, yeah that’s the thing, the AC is currently not working and it’s Monday the 28th,” he said.

Hailey Neff is a former employee with the company. She began her employment with the leasing office of Plaza Club City Apartments in 2018 and worked her way up to becoming a sales manager by 2020.

She said witnessing the way residents were treated is what caused her to change industries completely.

“We were just told to say kind of the same script, or we are getting it fixed, but that wasn’t necessarily true,” Neff said.

Neff has moved on, but left behind are residents who are fighting to simply be given what they pay for.

“Pictures and the videos seems nice and luxurious but when you really get into it, you find out it’s not. And I knew that,” she said.

Weinberger said residents at the Club City Plaza apartment say all they want is for the place they call home, to finally get things right after many failed assurances.

“I shouldn’t have to be advocating for other people, I shouldn’t have to be worrying about my dog, I shouldn’t have to be worrying about this at work due to a simple liveablilty clause that has been happening for longer than I know about.”

A representative for the company said they are working on addressing a faulty switch that prevented the AC units from working properly. They say the problem was found during the recent installation of the new units.

Residents affected will be compensated $300.

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