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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Kansas City, Kansas Police are investigating after three people were found dead at Wyandotte Towers.

They’ve been identified as Damon Irvin, Rau’daja Fairrow and Roy Wright.

Police said Wright’s death was ruled natural, while Irvin and Fairrow’s deaths have been deemed homicides.

Sunday night residents at the high-rise apartment complex held a balloon release for the three people.

They said they normally hold a balloon release when someone in the building dies, but this was the first time they’ve lost two people in homicides.

Balloons, candles and flowers now serve as a small memorial for the three residents.

“I’m worried for everyone else and their lives as well as our lives and everyone in this building safety,” Zina Johnson, a resident of Wyandotte Towers, said.

The close-knit community that lives at the high-rise apartments came together to remember the lives lost and demand justice.

“It’s a way of saying goodbye with the balloon release, and we do candles at night because they are some victims of a crime,” Holly Duff, Wyandotte Towers Building President, said.

“Just do what you got to do and do what’s right because it’s going to eat you up in the inside,” Johnson said. “You are not going to be able to sleep well or live right after this.”

Johnson said she knew Fairrow well and describes the 25-year-old mom as outgoing.

“She loved hanging out as like just hanging out in the building with everybody,” Johnson said. “She loved getting everybody together.”

Even though some residents might know one victim more than the other, they all have one thing in common.

“Think about what you did,” Johnson said. “Think about the people that you hurt.”