Residents left without water for days at Briarcliff City Apartments

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Residents of Briarcliff City Apartments were left high and dry after a problem with the water system feeding one of the large buildings caused the water to be shut off around 3 p.m. on Friday.

N. A. Sunje, a Briarcliff resident of two years, said the apartments are not living up to the standards of an upscale apartment complex.

"Luxury apartments. Four days without water. I've never heard about such a thing," Sunje remarked.

Another resident, Sharon Cowen, discovered the shut-off as she washed her hair.

"Well, yesterday afternoon I started to wash my hair and just had a dribble of water coming out of the faucet," Cowen recalled. She said she heated up some bottled water to wash her hair, but without bottled water, residents simply can not bathe at home.

"I'm smelling now, really. I'm embarassed to be in front of you," Sunje said.

"I think probably the worst part is thinking about a shower, and personal cleanliness and flushing your toilets," Cowen said.

Residents said the management has been noticably absent since the problem began, notifying residents of the problem with only a note taped to a door saying the problem would not be fixed until Monday. It is the only communication management has had with the tenants.

Residents are frustrated with the lack of communication from management of the Briarcliff City Apartments. Several of them said they have been trying to get in touch with the property manager to no avail.

During office hours Saturday, the office doors were locked and an answering service was taking calls to Briarcliff City Apartments.

The management has suggested residents who do not want to stay and live without water for days get hotel rooms and bill it to their renters insurance, something Sunje finds insulting.

“It’s not my problem. My problem over here is to pay rent on time and asking from them to make my stay over here enjoyable."

Calls to the management company were not promptly returned.



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