KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A $12,000 reward is being offered tonight to help would-be copper thieves.

In many cases they are actually cutting fiber optic cables, knocking out services to people all over Kansas City and Raytown.

Now communications companies are leaving behind messages for those thieves, hoping they’ll stop cutting valuable cables to customers, that have no value to them.

Jasmine Sparks works from home in Kansas City near Raytown. Lately she’s been having internet issues.

“It’s been taking a long time for things to process having to do things over and over again because you are losing information that you are putting in,” Sparks said.

She’s not alone. A lot of you have probably been seeing buffering and no internet connection screens lately. Wednesday police explained why.

Throughout the city on utility poles below the power lines you’ll find fiberoptic cables. It’s what communication companies use to deliver cable and internet to your home or business.

Thieves in Kansas City and Raytown seem to think those cables have copper and have been cutting them the past several months.

Last month they went in front of churches and a center for the developmentally disabled in the I-435 and Blue Ridge Cutoff Corridor and cut them down.

“People believe everything that’s shiny is metal and they are going to try to make a buck from that,” Jorge Trevino explained.

On Booth Avenue near Blue Ridge Cutoff where utility workers installed new cables this week, they left behind a hand written sign for those thieves, “Not Copper, No Scrap Value.”

Sparks has another message for the thieves.

“Get a job is what I say. I’m trying to do my job so whatever is up there leave it alone so I can work.”

You can submit tips about who may be involved electronically to Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers, if your internet is working. Or you can always call the Tips Hotline at 816 474 TIPS.