KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A lot of problems can be solved by a well-iced cupcake, except the cost to bake one.

“Last summer, things started shooting up,” said The Muffin Top Bakery Owner Emily Thomas. I think a lot of our egg problems stemmed from the chicken issues and it sort of just still flowing and kind of getting worse actually.”

Those chicken issues refer to an outbreak of Avian Flu, limiting the number of eggs available across the nation.

Emily says the 60-count boxes of eggs that she needs to buy used to cost less than $9. FOX4 found them listed at Walmart for $20.

“I don’t want to raise my prices, I don’t want to do that on my baked goods, but ultimately I have to,” Thomas said.

With no other option, Thomas turned to Facebook.

“Prices like these are killing you local small business restaurants and bakeries like ours,” Thomas wrote online.

Commenters tried to help, telling her about deals they found at other stores or encouraging her to find a local farm to work with.

Thomas said she’s already constantly comparing prices between stores where she can buy in bulk because she needs to buy from a place that meets certain requirements for a commercial kitchen.

She can’t buy from massive suppliers who deliver food to large restaurants because that would be too many ingredients for her single location.

“I can’t buy that bulk, nor can I store that bulk,” said Thomas.

All she can do is hold on until prices come back down again.

“For the most part, people are very understanding,” Thomas said. “I just explain that we’re a homemade bakery everything we do is made here on site.”

There have been roughly a dozen confirmed Avian flu cases on each side of the state line with the most recent confirmations coming in both states last week.

That means either quarantines or putting the birds down to stop the Avian Flu from spreading.