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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — From Rockhurst High School graduate to potential Vice President of the United States, Tim Kaine has come a long way from his humble Kansas City roots.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced Kaine as her running mate on Friday. The two have been campaigning in Florida all week.

Kaine may have graduated from Rockhurst 40 years ago, but folks there still remember him. FOX 4’s Linda Wagar went to his alma mater to speak with some of Kaine’s old friends and colleagues.

He was a member of the National Honor Society, class president, and leader of the yell squad during his time in school, and it seems hard work and drive for success has only grown since graduating.

Jay Reardon, Jim Bessenbacher and Johny Daly graduated with Kaine in 1976. On top of all his accomplishments as a student, the three said what has always impressed them most about their old friend is his humility and his devotion to his classmates.

Kaine may be making headlines as he joins Clinton in her quest for the White House, but to his friends back in KC, he’s just “a well-rounded dude.”

“About four years ago, 2011 I think it was, we all met at a little establishment down in Waldo and he is just so humble about everything. He doesn’t talk about politics unless you want to ask him,” former classmate Jay Reardon said.

Reardon graduated with Kaine in 1976. Even when Kaine was governor of Virginia, and had to travel with a security detail, he made a point to attend a high school reunion.

“He brought his secret service people and we had a little private party,” Reardon recalled.

Kaine’s friends said one of his biggest skills is getting along with people, a skill that can go a long way in a bitterly divided Washington.

Kaine’s fellow Rockhurst grads aren’t the only ones excited to see him on the ticket. Even recent alums like Spence Hardwick are proud to see one of their own reaching new heights.

“I think it means a lot just for our community, Rockhurst and Kansas City, just to show that we have what it takes to go to the White House. We have the bona fides; we have the education; we have the resources. We have the network, as Missourians, as Kansas Citians, to make that happen,” Hardwick said.

Kaine has been looking to his alma mater and the Kansas City area for people interested in working on his campaign. So, if you’re a fan, and you’d like to work for Clinton/Kaine, he’s hiring.

Kaine’s classmates had hoped their class president would be in town for the 40th high school reunion this October, but now they know he’ll most likely be campaigning.