Rockhurst University challenges San Francisco school to friendly wager ahead of Super Bowl

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro university is betting it all on the Chiefs in the Super Bowl and devised a friendly wager with the University of San Francisco.

"Hello you companions in San Francisco," Fr. Tom Curran said.

He shared a funny video with the University of San Francisco on Facebook.

As president of Rockhurst University, Curran couldn't pass up the opportunity to challenge Fr. Fitzgerald and a fellow Jesuit university.

"It's a friendly wager that heightens the excitement," he said. "It goes back to us being in the city, saying we`re in the city to do good."

"In the city for good" is Rockhurst's mantra. Curran said rallying around the Chiefs Kingdom is part of it.

All 27 Jesuit universities across the U.S. are on the same team, with the same mission. But Curran admits when it comes to the Chiefs and 49ers playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday, it will be a little different.

As for the bet, the Super Bowl loser has to send some of their city's best.

"It’s a little bit of Kansas City that we would send to them if we lose, but that's not going to happen," Curran said.

The Roasterie founder and Rockhurst alum Danny O'Neill was called in off the bench for support.

"There is not much thought given to the Chiefs not winning, not dominating -- in a graceful way," O'Neill said.

Even with a win, O'Neill has a feeling Curran will fly the Chiefs Kingdom coffee and BBQ to San Francisco anyways.

"You know, Father Fitzgerald's gonna need a little help, a little boost," O'Neill said. "And I've gotta tell you, our Kingdom Blend's got it."

It's still up in the air what USF plans on shelling out.

"We put our message out a week ago," O'Neill said. "So I'm puzzled as to why it's been a week and we have heard anything from USF."

Curran has a guess.

"We're out here waitin' for you to send some of those, uh, organic veggies, a little vino," he said.

These two will see each other at a meeting on Sunday, both plan to represent their teams in jerseys.

"See ya, Mahomie," Curran said, winking at the camera.

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