Rolling blackouts affect thousands across the metro for hours Tuesday


LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — Rolling blackouts across the metro affecting thousands of customers. The regional emergency paused around 12:30 Tuesday afternoon. But that didn’t mean the power was back on for some. The blackout was supposed to last 20 to 60 minutes but in many cases it lasted much longer.

C.J. Arasim spent his morning shoveling show after his home lost power Tuesday. What was supposed to be up to an hour outage lasted four long hours.

“I would’ve been worried if it was this evening and didn’t come on because you know, it’s supposed to get down to zero or five below tonight and you don’t want your water pipes busting,” Arasim said.

Arasim’s neighbor was not so lucky. The power outage happened on top of frozen water pipes and frozen sewer pipes.

On his way out the door to go to his dental office around 7:30a.m. Dr. Matt Niewald heard his house warning him of what was happening.

“The typical appliances beeping tv shutting down,” Niewald said.

His three sons still asleep, school had been cancelled.

“This morning I woke up, I was really sleepy,” said 8-year-old Parker Niewald l. “I heard my dad talking but I don’t really listen.”

The youngest boy realized his dad was trying to figure out what was going on with the power outage and Niewald came up with a creative way to fight off the boredom growing as the temperature inside of his house was dropping.

“My dad brought up the idea, then we played Uno,” Parker said. “We played four games and I won all four!”

With a crowned Uno champion, older brother Aidan woke up to a cold bedroom and frozen pipes.

“I kind of find out the hard way when I went to take a shower and it wouldn’t turn on,” Aidan said. “I was freezing so I kind of had to wrap myself up in a blanket and sit by the fireplace to stay warm.”

If what was going on at home wasn’t enough, when Niewald finally made it to work, “I had patients in the chair and was just getting ready to get started and we were laughing about the fact I was out of power at home,” Niewald said. “I jinxed the whole place, I mean, I walked in and everything shut down.”

His Lakewood Dental office also lost power.

The Niewalds all home from work and home from school, but still learned lessons courtesy of mother nature.

“We will make the best of it until we can get all of these problems fixed,” Niewald said.

The next hurdle to conquer was finding a plumber. Niewald called several places and was on waiting lists until a plumber from AB May saw FOX4’s story and offered to go to his house Wednesday to help sort out his issues.



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