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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City roofing company tore off a family’s roof, except that family never ordered the work to be done on their home.

Mary Wyatt and her husband, Kapelle, have been getting the runaround for two months while parts of her family’s home on Garfield Avenue remain exposed to the elements.

“He needs to be a man of integrity,” Wyatt said of the owner of DW Remodeling. “When I first spoke to him, I really thought he was a man of honesty because he talked to me like he was going to do the right thing.”

On July 15, a crew with DW Remodeling stripped the shingles from the Wyatts’ home, only to realize mid-job they were at the wrong house. They were supposed to be at a home one block down.

“To have this done and to know we didn’t order that and then for him not to do the right thing and put the roof back on, I don’t know what to call it,” 73-year-old Mary said.

She said the owner of DW Remodeling, Devon White, promised he would return a few days after to replace the roof.

But two months later, that still hasn’t happened.

“After I called 2-3 times and left messages, and he didn’t return my call. That’s when I realized this man is not going to fulfill what he should do,” she said.

FOX4 was able to reach White by phone Tuesday afternoon. He said the contractor flipping the home down the street from the Wyatts gave him the wrong address.

“If I send someone to a house to do some work, I expect the right address,” White said.

White sent FOX4 a screenshot of text messages, from Sean Jackson of J. Eden Properties, which appeared to show – on two separate occasions – he told White to go to the Wyatts’ home instead of the home he’s remodeling.

“He’s the one that sent me to the job, the wrong job,” White told FOX4.

When pressed as to why that’s the Wyatts’ problem, White replied, “It’s 110% not Mrs. Mary’s problem,” and told our crew to call Jackson.

Calls to Jackson were unsuccessful. When FOX4 tried to explain why we were calling, Jackson hung-up.

White agreed someone needs to fix the Wyatts’ roof, but he said he won’t take full responsibility.

“If Sean Jackson decides to do it, I’d go ahead and help him out,” White said. “I’d help on the labor part.”

The Wyatts don’t care who’s to blame. They just want the roof replaced. The couple, who is on a fixed income, just recently found someone to put a tarp on the roof.

“It’s not completely covered because the rain had made the wood soft, and so no one could get up there to step on it to cover it, so it’s still uncovered,” Wyatt said.

The home has sat vacant for 20 years, but the Wyatt family pays someone to keep the property mowed, and they continue to pay property taxes. They fear the home also has mold as a result of the roof being exposed.

They filed a police report but were advised they would likely have to settle the case in civil court.

FOX4 will update this story if White and Jackson do the right thing and fix the Wyatts’ roof.