Supertam on 66. (Photo courtesy: Chris and Andrea Briley)

CARTERVILLE, Mo. — Whether you’re a Superman fan — ice cream fanatic — or perhaps both, there’s a little spot on Route 66 in Missouri just for you.

This quaint spot is gaining attention on a ‘super’ scale, attracting people from around the world to this unique museum and ice cream parlor located along the “Mother Road” in Southwest Missouri.

The destination location on historic Route 66 is called, “Supertam on 66.” Now in their second year — the family owned business is ran by husband and wife, Chris and Andrea Briley, and features Superman memorabilia collected over three decades. The Briley’s also sell 12 flavors of super-premium ice cream. One of their best-selling flavors: “Superman” — a mixture of cherry, vanilla, and blue moon.

“It’s a very good, gourmet ice cream with good flavor and quality. What’s funny about it, though, is the nutrition label, which is about a paragraph long — it talks about all the heavy cream and fat content, and then at the end it says, ‘If you want nutrition, eat a carrot.’ I just think that’s a perfect summary,” said Andrea Briley.

SLIDESHOW: View Photos of Supertam on 66

During the summer of 2021, the Briley’s acquired “Supertam on 66 Ice Cream Shop” in Carterville, from founder and longtime owner, Larry Tamminen who had put the establishment up for sale due to health problems. Andrea Briley says it was important to her and her family not to change anything about the business — especially the name, as it was the best way to carry on Larry Tamminen’s legacy.

“Larry had originally named it, ‘Superman Museum and Ice Cream Parlor.’ But, about a year or so after he named it, Warner Brothers Studios found out. They owned the rights to the Superman name and character. So after receiving a cease and desist order from Warner Brothers, Larry renamed it ‘Supertam,’ which comes from his last name,” said Briley. She added, “We actually have the cease and desist letters from Warner Brothers framed above the toilet in our bathroom at the shop.”

Supertam on 66 is open year-round, and there are plans to use an adjoining train car and pavilion for special events, birthday parties, and family reunions. But there are also plans for expansion beyond the Carterville location. On August 27th, the Briley family will open a second location: “Briley’s Silverscreen — Ice Cream, Soda, and Gifts.” You’ll find it inside the Coleman Theater in Miami, Oklahoma — which is also located on Route 66.

“I love superman. I love superheroes. My husband really, really loves Route 66, and the more I’ve learned about it, the more I’ve fallen in love with it too. Having two locations that happen to be right on Route 66 is great,” said Andrea Briley.

For more information on Supertam on 66, you can check out their Facebook page, HERE. You can also visit their website, located HERE.