Royals fan lost over $1 million in collectibles to flash flood

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HARRISONVILLE, Mo. - The National Weather Service predicted Harrisonville would see the largest flash flood on Saturday and locals told FOX4, they were right.

"It was a ton of rain in a small amount of time which made things really difficult," Harrisonville's public information officer, Daniel Barnett.

Barnett told FOX4 that the city plans to meet this week to discuss the town's storm drains and how they can improve them.

Lani Cook told FOX4 that the 2017 floods are storms that she will never forget.

"That was a tough one," said Cook looking down at her wet floors. "I lost over $1 million dollars worth of sports collectibles, including all our Micky Mantle stuff from that time period; everything gone."

Cook owns Trade Fair Flea market in Harrisonville where she has over 200 vendors. She told FOX4 that each of them have been affected by this latest flash flood.

"This is their steady paycheck every two weeks," she explained, pointing to all the destroyed product in the parking lot. "But we will get through this. We have to or I'll go bankrupt."

The FOX4 crew walked the premises and was shown a custom-made Royals car that Cook said was signed by nearly all the Royals Players.

"We take this car up to all the games," she said, wiping water residue off of an autographed deck. "My daughter and her friends took this car to prom; so many memories here; this car will be missed."

Surveillance video shows Cook's car slowly disappearing as loads of water rushed into the closed parking lot.

"I didn't have flood insurance in 2017 but I have it now," she laughed.

A number of volunteers were at Trade Fair helping Cook put the place back together. She told FOX4 that she is lucky to have such a large support group adding that she hopes to be back in business sooner than later.

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