Royals fan leaves shirts for men who pick up his garbage each week

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RAYMORE, Mo. — It seems Bubba John knew they didn’t have any Royals attire, so he hung two jerseys out on his garbage can. The jerseys were appreciated and approved by those who found them.

“I put out two jerseys for my garbage men,” Bubba John said. “They were so gracious. The one didn’t want to take it and took a picture. Next I know Nick Vasos is picking on me and the thing is all over the TV. It’s really gotten out of control, but I’m excited about it.”

Bubba John said it was just a little gift to thank the men for what they do. He also said that while every Wednesday is trash day at his house, this particular Wednesday was special because it’s a “W” for Winning Wednesday for the Royals.

A man on Facebook who goes by the name Bubba John shared Royal blue fever with his neighborhood waste management workers.





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