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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Slugger and some Royals Hall of Famers visited the students at El Centro Academy on Monday to kick off the Royals’ Week of Giving.

The children at the dual-language school got to have recess with Slugger, but the fun didn’t end when the Royals mascot and former players left.

Royals Charities donated $25,000 to the school for classroom improvements. The money will be used to redo five classrooms at the academy, including turning mismatched and poorly sized tables and chairs into the perfect fit.

“It will buy much needed equipment for the children’s size in each of the classrooms,” said Irene Caudillo, president and CEO of El Centro.

Royals Charities has supported El Centro for several years. Money raised in the Royals Charities 50/50 Raffle a few years back went toward a new playground for the school.

“We want people to know that when they play the 50/50 raffle, their money is doing some really incredible things,” said Marie Dispenza, director of Royals Charities.

Dispenza said while you could win the raffle, the community is the real raffle winner — and the winning doesn’t stop at El Centro.

Royals Charities will be out all week, donating money to various causes thanks to the 50/50 raffle and other fundraising efforts. By week’s end, Royals Charities will have donated $100,000. For the entire year, $2.3 million have gone to various metro organizations