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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Noah Wilson may be gone, but the community is stepping up to make sure the special project he started is carrying on in his memory.

Noah, 6, died on Tuesday at Children’s Mercy Hospital of Ewing’s sarcoma—a type of bone cancer. He had gained national attention for both his fight against cancer and his love of the Kansas City Royals.

Noah is know for his lasting impact on The Bandage Project which is a movement to help provide fun bandages to children in hospitals. Noah was inspired to start the foundation during his time at Children’s Mercy Hospital after he noticed there were no colorful Band-Aids available for patients.

The project’s website says Noah thought the colorful bandages were a fun way for cancer patients to stand out.

“When he was here, like a lot of children, getting pokes is hard. When you have a plain old brown band-aid on top of it, it’s not nearly as much fun. This was all Noah’s idea,” said Kelly Komers, the Child Life Program Coordinator for Children’s Mercy Hospital, on Wednesday.

On Friday night, the Royals collected the colorful bandages to hand out to sick children, just like Noah did.

“We were pleasantly surprised,” said Marie Dispenza of Royals Charities. “We knew that Noah was special, we expected that people would come out and support his initiative. We are up to 1,300 boxes of bandages right now. 1,300 is a lot.”

Noah’s father, Scott Wilson, said that it’s a bittersweet experience—losing his child to cancer but seeing that something great is happening because of the impact his son made on so many people.

“It’s amazing, we sit back and to see the impact that Noah had and the support that he is getting,” said Wilson. “I mean, the only words that come to our mind is really now proud we are of our son.

Fans can drop off boxes of bandages at Gate C before every game this weekend. The team says that they will match any cash donations as well.