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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Rumors of Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens resigning Friday swirled around the state like a tornado, but in the end, nothing happened.

With the admission of an affair and allegations of blackmail, it’s been a tough week for Greitens. And on Wednesday, rumors surfaced that the Republican governor would announce his resignation at noon Friday. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

But if the governor were going to resign, it would be necessary to notify Missouri Secretary of State John Ashcroft. Again, that didn’t happen.

A representative from Ashcroft’s office told FOX4’s Shannon O’Brien late Friday afternoon that they haven’t received a letter of resignation nor notification of resignation from the governor.

That followed earlier statements from the governor’s spokesperson who said, “The resignation rumors are 100 percent false.”

Todd Graves, the chairman of the Missouri Republican Party, told FOX4 in an email Friday morning that reports of Greitens’ impending resignation were: “Just another false rumor someone has started.”

Greitens was reportedly working Friday at the capitol building, and his office sent out two news releases, announcing the governor is getting rid of 86 government cars and is proposing a new program to make a targeted investment in infrastructure, creating new jobs.

The Missouri governor declined FOX4’s request for an interview, but his spokesperson said he will address the rumors at some point in the future.

That’s something that didn’t surprise UMKC political science professor Greg Vonnahme.

“I think he’ll start fighting his critics on this issue, saying there are more important issues to be concerned about — the tax plan, the budget,” Vonnahme said. “I don’t think Gov. Greitens would resign unless he knew the votes were there in the legislature to remove him.”

It would take two dozen Republicans to call for Greitens to resign, and there are currently just five that have done so.