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EASTON, Kan. — Chiefs fans far and wide are getting in on the Super Bowl fun.  That includes students at Pleasant Ridge Elementary School in Easton, Kan.  They reworked Blane Howard’s popular “Run It Back” music video. 

Howard released the song in October as the Chiefs were gearing up to make another run at the Super Bowl.  Now that the big game is just a few days away, the students released “The Kid Kingdom Remix” Monday (with Howard’s permission, of course).  

“It has been so hard this year because we are a really tight-knit community.  We love to be together, do everything together.  What this video has done for us is interject back in that joy that we have and that these kids bring to us everyday,” said the school’s principal, Amanda Brimer.  

The new video already has more than 1,300 views.  

“It’s provided an opportunity for the parents to do things, you they can’t even come in the building.  They can’t come eat lunch with their child. And then it was like cool, you want us to bring streamers and balloons and build letters.  It was just an explosion.  This is what happens when you shut down the ability for parents to interact with the school.  They’re just waiting for a moment,” said the school’s music teacher, Jeremiah Nichol.