Man Runs Across the Country for Kids

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Chris Nicholas usually runs for fun, but these days running isn’t for entertainment.

“It’s all mental out here,” Chris said while running up a hill.

Chris is taking three months off work to run from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles.  It’s Chris, his running stroller, his G.P.S., and whoever he meets along the way.

“Lots of honks, lots of waves, and that is pure motivation, I’ll tell ya,” he said.

Monday, Chris met Erin Manning who works for the Children’s Miracle Network in Kansas City, which is the cause for Chris’s cross-country trek.

“It’s one of the coolest parts of my job, to see people using their strengths and their talents to raise money for kids who they don’t even know,” Manning said.

Chris chose Children’s Miracle Network because he simply wants to help sick kids.  The more he runs, the more he realizes he’s making an impact for kids like his friend’s son, Riley, who’s chronically ill.

While Chris continues to go from state to state, he has days when he’s not feeling great, but he draws on support from the road, and the people he meets along the way to get to his goal of raising $5,000 for kids like Riley.

You can donate to Chris’s cause online. And if you’re from the Kansas City area, all of the money you donate will stay here and go to children’s hospitals in the metro.  Find out how to donate here.



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