Ruskin Heights tornado happened 56 years ago

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. — On this already stormy day in the Midwest, we look back at a storm that killed forty-four people 56 years ago Monday, the Ruskin Heights tornado.

“I can almost remember moment by moment everything that happened that day- that night, the next day, and so-on down the road,” said Beverly Michael.

Beverly Michael was just getting off the school bus when she noticed things looked strange outside.

“It was really windy, and very funny looking.  The sky and everything,” she said.

Beverly didn’t think much of it, so she and her family went about their normal evening at their motel, the Circle H Ranch House Motel.

“After dinner on Monday nights we always watched ‘I Love Lucy,’ so we were watching that when they interrupted the program and told us about the storms,” Beverly explained.

After a few more minutes passed, they looked outside and decided it was time to head to the basement.

“All I remember is hearing the noise of like a huge freight train going over and all this grit and debris falling down on your head,” Beverly said.

Beverly said after the storm, they walked to a safe place and came back the next day to a nearly destroyed motel.

“I remember my mom just practically losing it completely when we drove up that day,” she recalled.

Beverly was forever changed.

“I still get afraid.  I was afraid from afterwards and all my life,” she said.

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