Saint Luke’s doctor offers advice for germ-safe 4th of July celebrations

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KANSAS CITY METRO — This year many people won’t celebrate the 4th of July holiday in a traditional way with large social gatherings because of the coronavirus.

Instead some are choosing to stay at home.

“It’s different to me because I’m trying to stay at home, but I have other family members who are doing a little social gathering for the 4th,” metro resident Carol Moore said. “But me, myself, I’m gonna be at home.”

Doctors at Saint Luke’s Health System are urging folks who do venture out to social distance and wear a mask.

“So if your household is going to go to an event with another household, how can you kind of still be together and celebrate. Yet, sort of keep your household separated a little bit,” Dr. Sarah Boyd, an infectious disease specialist with Saint Luke’s Health System, said.

For cookouts, Dr. Boyd recommends one person handle the food. She also said that everyone should regularly wash their hands, among other things.

Dr. Sarah Boyd/Infectious Disease Specialist, St. Luke’s Health System

“You might think about trying to have individual-sized snacks so that you grab the bag of chips for individual size instead of everybody reaching into that big bowl of chips,” she said. “Same for drinks. Instead of pitchers or large, dip-out drinks, you can have individual juice boxes or individual cans of beverages.”

Still, a number of people are not eager to be in a group setting.

“My daughters asked me over, and I’m still wondering if I’m going to do that,” metro resident Sandy Snook said. “You never know where people have been, and just trying to be careful.

Whether home alone, or at a social get-together, health officials want people to remain follow COVID-19 guidelines.



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