Salon specializes in eliminating head lice

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A salon in Overland Park is expecting another busy year because of the service it provides.

Miracle Sister's Salon specializes in eliminating lice from the heads of those infected.

The salon is the invention of four sisters whose children got head lice and kept reinfecting each other. They decided to do something about it.

"You have to remove every single  egg, the nits. Nothing kills them. They can't be suffocated. Nothing kills them. No prescription. They have to be manually removed and that's what we do here," said Jean Pankey, one of the sisters of 'The Miracle Sisters'.

Pankey said when people come to the salon, they've typically tried to get rid of the lice on their own. They've tried over-the-counter products and home remedies such as mayonnaise, petroleum jelly, olive oil and hair dye.

The small parasites infest the head and neck and attach their eggs or nits to the base of the hair shaft.

"We did the RIT and we picked through it and we stayed on top of it and checked everyday and we saw more eggs and it just continued on for a couple of weeks," said Leanne McDaniel, a customer from Lee's Summit.

The Miracle Sisters said they use a strand by strand approach to getting rid of the lice. Their services cost about $110. In Pankey's experience, she says girls are more likely to get head lice because they have longer hair and typically hug more than boys.

In addition to getting rid of lice from your hair, you need to wash your bed linens, brush and combs and vacuum your house.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, head lice is more common than most people realize. Six to 12 million children are infected with lice every year.



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