KANSAS CITY, Kan. – The family of Michael Rehard remembered him on Monday, one year after a Kansas City, Kansas bar shooting that led to a wrong-way highway high speed chase.

That chase ended in a Platte City neighborhood, where police shot and killed Mekiah Harris after a short standoff.

Monday, “The M squad,” as they call themselves, gathered at a Kansas City, Kansas cemetery to remember Rehard.

Michael’s brother Matthew and sister Maria were with him that night, and are thankful they aren’t buried next to him.

Rehard was shot and killed inside Sammy’s Tavern after a disagreement on May 1, 2022.

His brother, Matthew, got the letters “LLM,” for Live Like Michael” to remember him by, tattooed on his hand Monday.

He doesn’t need a reminder though, he still has scars on that hand from the bullet that went through his fingers and his midsection, which is still lodged in his leg.

“I wish it was him here and not me, I really do. But it aint my choice. God chose me to be here, I don’t know why,” Rehard said.

In the year since, he’s missed sharing plenty of experiences with his brother, including this weekend where he had Kansas City Chiefs players sign a hat dedicated to Michael.

“We would have all been there for sure Mike, loved football, we played football together in Middle School.”

Monday night, they poured out a Chiefs special edition bottle of Crown Royal for Michael Rehard, over his grave and held a balloon release in his honor.

As his mother wept over his grave, his siblings—who were also there that night—can only reflect on how it could have been even worse.

“That’s the blessing, the man shot Michael, shot Matthew that night he came at me pointing his gun, but no bullets flew out, so I’m here, so I’m fortunate for that. Luckily my mother didn’t have to bury three of her children at the same time.”

A family friend also shot that night survived.

Rehard leaves behind two daughters who are being raised by the five surviving members of, “The M Squad.”