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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Santa and Mrs. Claus made their annual visit to Children’s Mercy Hospital on Thursday for the Christmas party the hospital organizes for patients and their families.

Mister and Mrs. Claus have been visiting the children there for the last 15 years. Santa explained that he and Mrs. Claus (also known as Duane and Deanna Albert) had a son who spent a lot of time at Children’s Mercy.

“The special for us is the children coming down and just for a couple hours of the day being able to escape their reality and laugh and smile and enjoy an afternoon,” Santa said.

Patients enjoyed foods, prizes, games and crafts and of course, if they wanted, they got to sit on Santa’s lap.

“We started bringing in 250 teddy bears, doing arts and crafts with the kids who are able to come down and see us. Then they deliver gifts to the kids during the year for those who weren’t here at the time,” he said. “It’s probably the most heart-warming event that I’ve ever been associated with. Seeing the children come down that are hooked up to all types of apparatus who have injuries that we cannot even conceive and be able to come down and just smile and laugh and have fun for awhile.”

Santa said ‘yes’, the suite is as hot as you’d imagine.

“My glasses are all fogged up,” he said.