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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s that time of the year when, even if you got tested Thursday, Dec. 23, it is questionable whether you would receive results before Christmas day.

The line of people grew before the morning opening Thursday of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment testing site at the Kansas City, Kansas National Guard Armory.

Most people said they were thinking of their relatives.

“Family is everything. Always got to make sure that everybody’s OK, everybody’s safe. We all try to get tested as often as possible,” Alex Grey from KCK said.

“I’ve got my older in-laws. They did not get vaccinated,” Angelica Wilcox, also from KCK, said.

“I’m more worried about them than me but I’m also a little bit worried about me,” Wilcox said.

At Children’s Mercy Hospital of Kansas City doctors say they currently have 11 children with COVID-19 in their care. All of the cases are serious, infectious diseases specialist Dr. Angela Myers said.

“We don’t keep kids in the hospital that don’t need to be there, right? It’s Christmas. We want to get every child home who can be home,” Myers said.

Myers said the kids in their care with COVID-19 need to be there to receive oxygen, anti-viral therapies, or steroids.

But the discussion about family gathering is a frustrating repeat of tips from Thanksgiving, social distancing and masking.

These are tips given, knowing that they may be ignored by the people who most need to follow them.

“A new study just came out today. There’s a lot of people who have said that omicron does not change their stance on whether or not they’ll get vaccinated – this is the majority of people who are not yet vaccinated – that doesn’t change things,” Myers said.

“And, you know what, it may not. And we may just have a group of people that choose never to be vaccinated. But the fact remains and the data has shown us that vaccination is best what prevents disease – especially hospitalization and death,” Myers said.

Another take-away is that it’s going to be a warm Christmas in Kansas City so being outdoors, even for meals , would be your safest bet if you insist on getting together unvaccinated.