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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Grocery prices can make your eyes water.

The easiest way to save on feeding your family is by making a weekly menu based on what’s on sale each week.

This week shoppers get bonus deals because of the Presidents Day Holiday. Kansas City-area grocery stores, including Hy-Vee and Price Chopper each have a Presidents Day Sale, good Feb. 20, 2023, only.

Check out the following meal plan for this week, utilizing weekend sales (if you cashed in on them) and Presidents Day Sale options, to help save in the checkout line and keep your family full and at same time.)

Each meal comes in at $2.50 or less a serving, meaning you could serve a family of 4 for around $10 a meal.

Meal Plan Ideas

This meal plan will utilize the $2/lb. hamburger, $1 pasta sauce, and 3/$4 bags of salad Hy-Vee had on sale over the weekend. It also includes the $0.99/lb. split chicken breasts on sale at Hy-Vee Feb. 20 only.


  • Yogurt (3/$1 at Hy-Vee Feb. 20 ONLY)
  • Bacon ($2.99 at Hy-Vee Feb. 20 ONLY)
  • Blackberries ($1.48 at Hy-Vee Feb. 20 ONLY)


  • Sandwiches
    • $2 Sara Lee Bread (Hy-Vee weekend sale)
  • Salad
    • 3/$4 bagged salad (Hy-Vee weekend sale)
  • Leftovers from below


5-Ingredient Taco Soup (approx. $1.65 per serving)

Serve with cheesy veggie quesadillas, using cheapest (or your favorite) tortillas and cheese you can find. Stuff each with veggies of choice, ex: corn, onions, peppers (approx. $0.85 for each made tortilla)


  • Use 1 lb. of ground beef (from Hy-Vee weekend sale)


Baked Ziti (approx. $1.85 per serving)

Serve with salad ($0.49 per serving)


  • Using 1 lb. of hamburger, 1 jar pasta sauce, 1 bag salad from Hy-Vee weekend sale
  • You could also serve spaghetti to skip the expense of the cheese
  • Brown hamburger and don’t drain, allowing the fat to cook back into the meat; pour pasta sauce into skillet and allow to simmer, developing the taste of the sauce and meat


Grilled Caesar Chicken Breasts (approx. $0.99 per serving)

Serve with salad or coleslaw from Hy-Vee’s weekend sale (approx. $0.50 per serving)


  • Use chicken from Hy-Vee’s Presidents Day sale


Loaded Baked Potato Casserole (approx. $1.90 per serving., but you’ll have about 2 lbs. of potatoes left to use in the Chicken Pot Pie soup, or another recipe)

Serve as main dish and use a salad as a side, or serve as a side with grilled chicken from Hy-Vee Presidents Day Sale) (approx. $0.49 per serving)


  • Use $2.99 bacon from Hy-Vee’s Presidents Day sale


Creole Chicken-Andouille Skillet (approx. $2 per serving)

Buttery Linguine (approx. $0.45 per serving)


  • Using Chicken from Hy-Vee Presidents Day sale
  • Buy cheapest andouille sausage (doesn’t have to be chicken)
  • Chop 1 onion instead of buying a package of prechopped to save on cost
  • Substitute Chicken Broth for white wine to save on cost


Chicken Pot Pie Soup (approx. $0.90 per serving. Higher if you need to buy milk for it)

Serve with biscuits ($0.10 each if using Hy-vee Buttermilk biscuits)


  • You can skip the garlic and herb sauce mix, instead using garlic, salt and pepper to save on cost
  • Use chicken from Hy-Vee Presidents Day sale instead of rotisserie chicken to save on cost


Hamburgers (Using 2 lbs. from Hy-Vee weekend sale) (approx. $0.75 each, depending on buns & toppings)

Pasta salad (cost depends on what you need to buy)

  • Ingredients
    • 1 box pasta of your choice
    • Cheapest Italian dressing you can find, or mix your own
    • Any leftover veggies from the week left in the house, chopped
  • Directions
    • Follow pasta box cooking directions, but under cook by 1-2 minutes
    • Drain pasta
    • In a bowl, mix pasta, all veggies, and salad dressing together
    • Chill and serve