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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Scammers are calling people and using the names of two companies everyone knows, Apple and Amazon, to rip people off.

One metro woman said the scammers called her more than 25 times, and now she wants to protect people from becoming a target.

“When I got home from work yesterday, there were 18 messages on my phone and they were all from the same recording, saying it was Apple and they had detected some suspicious activity in my cloud,” Sally Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman said the first red flag was she does not and never has owned any Apple products.

“It was the exact same message and every number that showed up on my caller ID was a different number. It started off as 816-842 and the last four digits every time was different,” Zimmerman said. “I knew after the first one I heard.”

These kind of scams aiming to steal personal information are becoming more common.

The Federal Trade Commission is warning people about this new scam. Recordings of the calls were posted on the FCC’s website.

According to the agency, in one version of the scam, you get a call and a recorded message that says it’s Amazon. The message says there’s something wrong with your account. It could be a suspicious purchase, a lost package or an order they can’t fulfill.

In another twist on the scam, you get a recorded message that says there’s been suspicious activity in your Apple iCloud account.

In both scenarios, callers are directed to push certain numbers for assistance.

If you get an unexpected call or message about a problem with any of your accounts, hang up.

  • Do not press 1 to speak with customer support.
  • Do not call a phone number they gave you.
  • Do not give out your personal information.

If you do get a call you think is a scam, report it at

Remember, most big companies like Amazon and Apple do not contact you by phone. In fact, Apple will never call you unless you call them and leave your number. If there’s an issue, you will probably get a letter first.