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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Scanner recordings captured on lay out a timeline from the deadly Kansas City Fire department firetruck crash that killed three people in Westport on Wednesday night.

Kansas City police continued the investigation Friday as parts of the building hit in the incident threatened to collapse.

Police have not yet officially identified the three people killed in the crash between the firetruck and a Honda SUV. The two people in the SUV were employed at a restaurant about a half-mile away. The restaurant owner declined to comment further on the situation.

Both police and the public are trying to figure out what exactly led to the moment of the collision.

Firefighters entered a portion of the former music venue The Riot Room immediately after the crash between the Honda SUV and the KCFD truck “pumper 19” – a heavy vehicle capable of carrying water to fight fires.

A pedestrian was caught in crash and killed, according to a press release from KCPD.

But where was pumper 19 going before the crash?

According to scanner audio from, the crew was responding to a possible weather-related fire when a different truck, pumper 18, took over the call.

“Dispatch, do you want 18 to make that house fire?” can be heard on the scanner audio.

“Pumper 18, I will show you on the call,” a dispatcher responded.

“Pumper 19 stand down. Pumper 19 stand down, remain in quarters,” a dispatcher said.

But pumper 19, with lights and sirens on, continued north on Broadway Boulevard. About a minute later, the crash happened.

“We are involved in an accident,” can be heard on the scanner audio.

“Pumper 19, I need you to repeat. You were involved?” a dispatcher responded.

“Yep,” was the response.

“Pumper 19. Broadway and what?” a dispatcher asked.

“And Westport Road,” was the response.

“Pumper 19. Is your apparatus involved?” a dispatcher asked.

“Yes it is,” was the response.

FOX 4 News reached out to the Kansas City Fire Department to try to learn more about the timeline leading up to this crash. However, the case is now a police investigation so that information may come in the future from KCPD.