‘Scooter gang’ of teens stealing property from Kansas City homes and cars has residents frustrated

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- They're speeding on scooters and stealing whatever they can.

Some residents say the "scooter gang" has been at it for nearly two years and has hit as many as nine Kansas City neighborhoods.

Now, mounting evidence might actually get these kids caught.

A group of contractors were busy doing a backyard makeover for Melissa Batz this week when they heard something strange.

There were four children cruising the neighborhood on two mopeds, and they had spotted them.

Batz was able to check her home surveillance video and spotted the four youngsters hop off their scooters and start jiggling every car door handle in front of her home.

"One was unfortunately unlocked, and they were able to steal the contents of that vehicle," Batz said.

She shared her story on the popular neighborhood site "Next Door" and learned a friend just down the street had witnessed the group in action.

"It all like unfolded right before me," Emily Gretzinger said. "I stopped, like, I don`t know what's going on, and then they took off."

Gretzinger said two teens took off on scooters, flying down the street. She spotted another stealing a golf cart from St. Teresa's Academy.

"They looked really young, and I was like, 'This is so sad!'" she said.

After looking around online, she found other accounts of the so-called scooter gang.

For weeks, neighbors in Hyde Park have been reporting they've had cars and homes broken into and packages stolen off porches and surveillance images have captured a group of teens on scooters at the scene.

"I'm frustrated a little bit after learning of all the things that have been going on just because, if were not doing something to help them make better choices, then we're not helping with the problem it seems," Gretzinger said.

One neighbor — beyond angry — posted on Facebook, accusing police of not doing enough to stop the criminals.

After the incident at St. Teresa's, the Kansas City Police Department said it arrested three juveniles and an adult, and they were released "pending further investigation."

Police told Fox 4's Kera Mashek there will be charges against those involved in these crimes, but they need anyone who has had any interaction with this group — from car doors being jiggled to break-ins — to report it and turn over any video evidence to help build their case.



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