Search continues in Clinton County for missing cattle company owners from Wisconsin

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BRAYMER, Mo. — A search continues at a farm for two missing brothers from Wisconsin. Nick and Justin Diemel, owners of Diemel Cattle Company, disappeared Sunday and were in Missouri on a business trip.

A man who does business with Diemel Cattle Company tells FOX4’s John Pepitone that the firm raises or feeds cows in nearly every state from New York to Texas. Ron Chupp says the Diemels raise and feed a lot of cows in Missouri.

Relatives and employees of the brothers have gathered with the media on the perimeter of the search site. They’ve driven down from the Green Bay, Wis., area with all-terrain vehicles to help in the search if needed.

The wife and girlfriend of the missing men told reporters in Wisconsin that the brothers wallets and cell phones were not found in their vehicle when it was recovered in Holt, Mo., earlier this week.

The property where the search is taking place is connected to a man named Joey Nelson. Nelson has a conviction for selling cattle that did not belong to him and spent two years in a federal penitentiary.

Relatives and employees of the Diemels declined to discuss why the brothers may have been at the search site, saying that they don’t want to jeopardize the investigation.



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