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GRANDVIEW, Mo. — Police said a body found in a wooded area near The View Community Center was likely linked to a crash days earlier that left investigators stumped.

Officers were called to a vehicle crash in the 13700 block of Byars Road on Wednesday, March 24, according to a statement from Grandview Police Captain Ryan Sharp. When they got there, they couldn’t find a person that was involved. Police searched the area, but they came up empty.

Two days later, they came back. Investigators had been told that the person who had left the scene of the crash had not been seen since.

Grandview officers scoured the area on Friday, March 26, both on foot and in the air through department drones. Again, they didn’t find anything.

Then on Sunday, March 28, police were told that a body had been found. Family and friends of the missing person had formed a search party, and had come across the body in the woods two blocks from the scene of the crash.

The body is presumed to be the missing driver from the crash four days earlier, police stated.

The person’s name was not released while the medical examiner’s office works on an official identification and cause of death.