Second ‘Charles in Charge’ actor accuses Scott Baio of sexual abuse

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A second “Charles in Charge” actor has accused co-star Scott Baio of sexual misconduct and violence on the set of the 80s sitcom, TMZ reports.

Alexander Polinsky spoke at a news conference Wednesday with allegations that Baio exposed his genitals to him and called him a homophobic slur when Polinsky was just 11 years old. He said that Baio sexually harassed and abused him through the run of the show, and even once threw a cup of hot tea in his face, when he was between the ages of 11 and 15.

“Scott Baio was a hero to me. I was 11 years old,” Polinsky said. “Scott Baio began a pattern of abuse that was unrelenting. Mr. Baio repeatedly told me about gay sex acts that he told me I would grow up to perform.”

“Scott pulled down my pants in front of over a hundred people, and another time laughed as he cut a whole in the canvas wall of my private dressing room on set and exposed his genitals to me,” Polinsky said.

Polinsky’s accusations come less than a month after another “Charles in Charge” actor Nicole Eggert came forward alleging that Baio sexually assaulted her while she was underage.

Baio refuted Eggert’s claims in a Facebook Live video.

“I’m interested in healing for all of us,” Polinksy said at the news conference. “That includes Scott. I’m praying for him in all of this. I still have hope he can realize his wrongdoings, apologize publicly, and we can all have some healing. In truth, that is all I’m looking for — not fame, not money, not revenge. Healing.”

Eggert and her lawyer Lisa Bloom were present while Polinky spoke at the news conference. Bloom is also representing Polinsky.

Baio is reportedly scheduled to hold his own news conference Wednesday afternoon.



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