KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A security incident with an information network causes some shuffling in some Kansas City municipal courts.

Regional Justice Information Systems stopped all services Tuesday.

REJIS is an IT firm that operates information systems for some criminal justice agencies in Kansas, Missouri and Illinois.

The REJIS shutdown means Kansas City, Kansas, is rescheduling all municipal court dockets for the rest of the week.

Kansas City, Missouri, officials said all of Wednesday’s cases except for the ones set for trial will be rescheduled. Also, everyone in custody will be seen by a judge on their scheduled court date.

KC officials also said decisions will be made each day at noon as the situation continues.

Overland Park and Lenexa leaders said they are not impacted. Overland Park Municipal Court tells FOX4 it has some renovations going on right now, so dockets were already closed for the week.

REJIS tells FOX4 they are working to mitigate any damage.