GLENDALE, Ariz. — Super Bowl LVII between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles kicks off in just 10 days, but the crowds will be in and around State Farm Stadium long before kickoff.

Law enforcement and private security companies are working together to increase security around the stadium, and in other areas of Glendale, ahead of the big game.

Cement barriers, fencing, and around-the-clock security is already in place, according to FOX10 Phoenix.

“Our job with the super bowl is to do what is called asset protection. We basically have our guards on the outside of the stadium – guarding all of the equipment – some of the tents that are going up,” Anthony Wright, Desert Wall Security Managing Director, told FOX 10’s Marissa Sarbak.

Wright’s team is one of several security companies contracted to help with Super Bowl LVII.

“A lot of the work right now is all at night, but as we get closer it’ll be more daytime hours as well,” Wright told Sarbak.

Checkpoints around State Farm Stadium have been in place for weeks and the area will see even more security measures as the Super Bowl approaches.

“We’re running about close to 50 guards right now. So the day of or a couple days before, the week of, we are probably going to be running about 60. So those guys will probably be moving more close to the stadium,” Wright told Sarbak.

The private security is in addition to officers from local, state, and federal agencies also involved in keeping the area safe.

“My current assignment is the commander for the homeland defense bureau. I’ve been tasked with being one of the incident commanders to oversee the planning phase and the operational phase of the super bowl here,” Brian Lee, Phoenix Police Department Commander, told Sarbak.

The Phoenix Police Department said it’s been planning for Super Bowl LVII for more than a year to keep Chiefs and Eagles Fans, as well as everyone living in the area, safe.