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WASHINGTON – Due to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s recent passing, Republican Senator Roy Blunt said he would find it foolish for President Donald Trump to not try to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.

“In 2016, even though I didn’t think the Republican Senate should take the nomination up, I made the point that the president had the responsibility to go ahead and nominate somebody because that’s what the constitution says happens when there’s a vacancy. It would be almost political and governmental malpractice if Republicans decided we’re going to unilaterally disarm here even though we have a majority in the Senate and a Republican in the White House we’re going to decide not to fill the Supreme Court vacancy. I guarantee you, Chuck Schumer would fill the Supreme Court vacancy if there was a Democrat in the White House and Democrats controlled the Senate, just like they would have filled a vacancy in 2016 if there’d been Democrats in control of the Senate.”

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri