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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – U.S. Senator Josh Hawley says he’ll never apologize for his actions Wednesday both before and after a mob rioted inside the Capitol. 

The Republican senator from Missouri issued a statement Thursday that read: “I will never apologize for giving voice to the millions of Missourians and Americans who have concerns about the integrity of our elections. That’s my job, and I will keep doing it.”

But some, including Missouri’s newest Congresswoman, don’t want him to have the job anymore.

Rep. Cori Bush, a Democrat, has called on him to resign and said her first action will be to call for the expulsion of Hawley and other Republicans involved in objecting Electoral College votes.

There’s also a petition, and the student bar association at Hawley’s former employer, the University of Missouri School of Law, are also calling for him to step down. Kansas City Star editorial headlines have said he “has blood on his hands” and “if he had a conscience he’d resign.” 

Hawley, who was the first Senator to announce he’d contest election results, became even more of a central figure in Wednesday’s events as one of just a handful of Senators to object to results in Arizona and Pennsylvania when the joint session reconvened after those violent protests.

“This is the place where those objections are to be heard and dealt with and finally resolved in this lawful means peacefully without violence, without bullets,” said Hawley, condemning the riots while espousing many of their ideals.

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Raygun also has a shirt that simply says “Josh Hawley Sucks” available online with more being printed to sell inside its Kansas City store soon. The business isn’t shying away from its wishes, saying proceeds will go to defeat Hawley, who isn’t up for re-election for another four years.