Sentencing delayed for man found in Lenexa storage unit with children, wife’s body

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OLATHE, Kan. — The sentencing for a man who was found in a Lenexa storage unit with his two children and his wife’s dismembered body has been pushed back.

On Wednesday, Justin Rey appeared in court for his sentencing where he requested to represent himself and asked for a new judge.

“This is not OK for you all to be doing this,” Rey said. “It has been 17 months, and I still have not had a chance to speak or show the hard evidence of me being innocent — let alone the body cam or the U-Haul cam to prove me innocent.”

He told Judge Brenda Cameron that “what is going on here is not legal and that she is not honorable.”

Cameron said she won’t recuse herself, so Rey will have to file an affidavit and it will go to the chief judge for his consideration.

Because of Rey’s requests, his sentencing was continued until April 8. At that point, Rey will represent himself. But his former attorney, Scott Toth, will still be sitting next to him as standby council in case Rey has any procedural questions.

“Certainly he’s entitled to his opinion, and I respect the fact that he’s honest about how he feels about things,” Toth said of Rey’s claims that he has evidence that could exonerate him of the crimes he was found guilty of. “Those types of statements have been made throughout the course of this litigation for long periods of time. I don’t know for sure exactly what it is that he would be talking about. I can’t, at this stage, really talk about the facts of the case because he hasn’t been sentenced.”

Rey was found guilty earlier this year on several charges, including child endangerment, in Johnson County.

In October 2017, Rey and his 2-year-old and newborn daughters were discovered in a U-Haul storage unit in Lenexa. Also in the storage unit, the body of Rey’s wife, which had been chopped up and stored in a rolling cooler.

Rey told police his wife died during childbirth in a Kansas City, Missouri, hotel room two days prior.

Although there was a lot of testimony about Jessica Rey’s body in his Johnson County trial, Justin Rey is not charged in her death. Jessica Rey is believed to have died in the KCMO hotel room. For allegedly dismembering his wife, Justin Rey is facing an abandonment of a corpse charge in Jackson County.

Prosecutors argued in January that what Rey did to his wife’s body and what his kids endured — being around their mother’s body in a cooler in a storage unit — was child endangerment.

Rey was attempting to clear his name when an officer found child pornography on his phone.

Investigators said the phone’s camera roll appeared to show girls younger than 18. There were also screen shots, one of which showed children in a nudist camp. There were also allegedly searches for “nudist teen” on Rey’s phone.

Prosecutors questioned Rey about the search for that phrase. He said he would have been sleeping and didn’t know who did it. The only other adult with him in his hotel room at that time was his wife. He said she didn’t do it either.

He also told the court, because he is a Christian Scientist, he doesn’t have sexual desires and wouldn’t look at porn of any kind. On the stand he said, someone would have to be stupid to do that.

Following a testimony earlier this year, it was revealed that Rey planned to takes his wife’s body to an Indian reservation in Arizona, by taking an Amtrak train.

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