Server Identifies Table as ‘Fat Girls’ on Bill

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STOCKTON, Calif.-- A restaurant waiter was suspended after admitting he identified a table of women as "fat girls" and went so far as to label their bill that way.

Christina Duran said she enjoyed her evening out with friends at the Cameo Clus Casino’s Restaurant, until the check came.

“I got the bill, and I was like, why does the receipt say, ’fat girls,’ Duran said.

Bar Manager Jimmy Seimers wasn’t working the night this happened, but when he found it, he questioned the server, identified only as 'Jeff', who admitted to typing the words into the system.

“I don’t think he understood completely because he was busy last night, but that’s just no excuse,” Seimers said.

The manager offered the women a 25% and then a 50% discount on their bill and apologized.

“It’s not funny. I can just see it over and over again, and I still can’t believe it. They labeled us fat girls. It’s just something we got to deal with,” the women said.




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