Severe thunderstorms, strong winds leave behind path of destruction in Odessa

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ODESSA, Mo. — Storm clean-up is in full swing around the metro, and it’s happening as a second round of severe weather is on the way.

Just about anywhere you go around Odessa there are trees uprooted, split and tossed around yards. Several homes are also damaged. Despite the mess residents are cleaning up, many said they’ve still got plenty to be thankful for.

The storm, packing nearly 80 mph winds, ripped through town and several farm communities Thursday night.

“I heard it, and it kind of all came at once,” Stephanie Mullen said.

Mullen is thankful for her four-year-old little girl, who called out “Mommy!” in the middle of the night, just as the storm was hitting.

“She was kind of our little saving grace. I thought she just wanted to come sleep with us, but we ended up running into the basement thinking it was a tornado,” Mullen said.

In the light of day, they found their yard littered with tree limbs. Half of their barn’s roof was ripped off.  The family’s trampoline was chucked hundreds of yards away in a bean field. Crops were badly damaged, too. And the side of the Mullen family house is pierced with dozens of holes after being pummeled by hail.

“It looks like shots, like bullets,” Mullen said.

Neighbors nearby are cleaning up tons of trees and huge chunks of another home’s roof are peeled away.

Across Interstate 70, the Cates family has a huge mess on their hands.

“It sounded like a tornado, so we just ran off to the basement, grabbed the kids and stayed downstairs til around five this morning,” Brandon Cates said.

The winds shredded their fence and several big holes are punched through the roof. One tree pushed inside the house. Nearly every ceiling is stained with water damage.

“It’s a lot of clean up. Going to have to wait and see what happens with insurance and go from there,” Cates said.

Neighbors are helping each other pick up the pieces, and everyone affected is still counting their blessings since no one was hurt in the vicious storm.

“Just blessed. You know, we have two kiddos, my husband and I and all this stuff is just a mess but it’s OK,” Mullen said.

The Odessa Electric Department, along with mutual aide crews from Independence Power and Light, are continuing to work to restore power throughout the community.

The city will open up the NW Wastewater Treatment Plant on Hughes Road for brush drop-off. They say only vegetative debris is allowed, no construction debris. The area will be open Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.



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