Metro sexual assault survivor determined to put attackers behind bars

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Taylor was sleeping in her Independence apartment next to her young daughter when she says something woke her up.

"I'm on one side of the bed, and then it's my daughter laying next to me, and then there's a man standing next to my bed," Taylor said.

A strange man was in her room, and soon raping her, then she says another man came in and he raped her too.

"They pulled me to the side of the bed and bent me over," Taylor said.

She shakes as she remembers the night that still seems like a nightmare.

"It was horrifying," said Taylor

Taylor says she was blindfolded, but she heard voices. Her main concern was to keep her daughter calm and safe. After two men raped her, she prayed it was over

"They finished, and I thought it was done, and then they picked me up and moved me and I realized that there was another person in the room," Taylor explained.

He raped her too, and the men just didn't stop.

"They kept taking turns, they kept having sex with me- you know- multiple guys at a time, it was horrifying," she said. "I tried not to be present, I tried to stay out of my head."

"Are they going to kill me when this is done? Are they going to hurt my daughter?" she asked herself.

Once the men, who Taylor describes as young, early twenties or so, were done, they left through the door they'd busted open earlier that night, but not without giving her a clue.

“One of them threw a blanket over me and said ‘by the way- it's so and so's birthday,’" Taylor said.

Taylor says while the men didn't physically hurt her daughter, what happened that night left a mark.

"My daughter wakes up in the middle of the night now screaming no, no," she said.

But she says by speaking up, she knows these men will be caught, and they won't get to terrorize her or her daughter anymore.

"I'm terrified of it, but I don't care, like I'm not going to let the fear control me," she said.

Taylor is speaking out because she wants your help in finding the men who broke into her apartment- so here are clues she gave FOX 4 today:

- One of the men was named Josh.
- They are all young men, possibly in their early 20's.

-They were celebrating a birthday on the night of February 8th, probably somewhere near 24 Highway in Independence.

Taylor was given a thorough exam and police fingerprinted her apartment, so she's confident there's evidence to put her attackers in prison. Independence police say they are working diligently on the investigation.



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