SF Officials Use Ouija Board to Decide Vote

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SAN FRANCISCO — The San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted to approve a resolution to name a U.S. Navy ship after slain gay political leader Harvey Milk – thanks, at least one supervisor says, to guidance from the spirit realm.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the non-binding resolution urging the U.S. Navy to christen a ship the U.S.S. Harvey Milk was passed on a 9-2 vote.

Milk, a former Navy officer who served in the Korean War and member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, was one of the first openly-gay office holders in the nation.

He was murdered in a 1978 San Francisco City Hall shooting by former colleague Dan White.

Supervisor John Avalos told the Chronicle that he and his City Hall aides turned to a Ouija board to ask for Milk’s opinion.

“(We) actually put our hands on the Ouija board and the letters g-o-o-d-r-i-d-d-a-n-c-e-d-a-d-t came out. We asked Harvey, and Harvey gave us these letters: ‘Good riddance don’t ask, don’t tell.’,” Avalos told the Chronicle. “It was quite clear that Harvey Milk would have been opposed to ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’ I can honestly say that’s one aspect of this resolution that’s really valid.”



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