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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City, Missouri, man says sharp, softball-sized rocks from a city construction project were in the middle of the road and punctured his oil tank, doing hundreds of dollars in damage to his car.

Tyler Robertson said it happened Thursday night on View High Drive near Bannister Road. He said he couldn’t see the danger and, at the time, there were no signs. 

He said the damage is in the $500 range, which hurts, as he needs money for new classes he’s taking.

“You start to see where my oil started leaking,” Robertson said in a cell phone video he recorded after the impact. “And it goes all the way to where I live.”

“Honestly, I feel like the city should pay for that,” Robertson said.  “There were no signs or anything.”

At the time FOX4 was out there Tuesday, our crew did see warning signs.

Vicki Howerton lives feet from the project. She said this all started two years ago when someone hit a retaining wall.

“It was strung out 30 feet on each side, so people have it,” Howerton said. “They drive over it so fast they knock the rocks out of it.”

FOX4 reached out to the city to learn about the project and find out Robertson’s options.

A city spokesman said: “Public Works is doing culvert work in the area to improve drainage. Once complete, the road will be repaved. Regarding repairs- the individual would have to contact the city’s law department.”

Robertson plans to, but in the meantime, he has a warning for drivers.

“Whenever you’re coming down View High Drive, just slow down and look out, especially if it’s in the nighttime,” Robertson said.