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OSBORN, Mo. — The Shatto Milk Company is rolling out a new bottle design to celebrate Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes securing his second MVP title.

Shatto announced it will release a special edition MVP bottle of chocolate cherry milk to celebrate the star quarterback’s recent accolade.

“Our customers were very outspoken about their desire for a limited edition bottle this year to celebrate the outstanding achievement of our hometown football team. This is just one of the many achievements that we are excited to highlight,” Barbara Shatto said in a press release.  “This year has been amazing, this team has come so far and individual players have accomplished so much. Congratulations to everyone for their individual and team success.” 

The company will produce 11,000 specialty bottles, offering a limited quantity in area grocery stores. The MVP bottle will feature a special Mahomes Dairy Cow design with red lettering. 

Fans can purchase the specialty milk at area grocery stores starting Feb. 26. Shatto Home Delivery customers can pre-order bottles of the MVP milk starting Friday, Feb. 10.