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SHAWNEE, Kan. — It’s been a rough stretch for a Shawnee business. No, it’s not that sales are slumping. Employees said they are troubled that their store has been targeted by vandals twice in two months.

A thief tried to break into Aqueous Vapor in Shawnee, but they weren’t successful. This is the first time a break-in was attempted this year, but third time since the store opened in 2014.

These clues are adding up for Dana Jackson, the store’s assistant manager.

“He knew where the cameras are,” she said as she watches the security footage. She believes it’s a repeat offender trying to break in to the store.

The security video shows the vandal throwing a rock at the store’s window multiple times. He stops to pick up a bigger rock and tries again. He is only able to shatter one layer of the window before the masked vandal takes off with his empty backpack.

Jackson said she is left with $1,000 worth of damages to clean up.

“Are you kidding me? This is happening again? I was thankful they didn’t get inside this time. They didn’t take anything so that was good, but very frustrating for it being the second time,” Jackson said.

Because the second layer of glass didn’t break, the business’s alarm did not go off.

The attempted break-in happened just after midnight on Sunday but it mirrors the successful break-in that happened in December. Both crimes caught on camera thanks to Becky Bieker, who owns She’s a Pistol, a gun shop next door.

“That’s what neighbors are for. That’s what community is for. We are here to help each other and have each other’s back,” said Bieker. She said there are cameras facing the entire sidewalk and parking lot.

Jackson said more security cameras will be installed outside the business. She’s hoping enhanced security will deter thieves from trying again.