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SHAWNEE, Kan. — It was supposed to be a joyous time for a Shawnee couple celebrating the birth of their twins, but instead they got some upsetting news while in the hospital.

Amber Morris went into labor with twins, and while at the hospital, she got a call that her van was stolen from her driveway; a vehicle she relies on to transport her growing family.

“She actually called us in the hospital thinking we were playing a joke on her,” said Amber about her mom, who was staying at their home watching her other kids.

Amber was induced on Thursday, and after a few days in the hospital with her newborn twins, she talked to her mom who was staying at her house while she was away.

“She was just asking where the van was, and I was like ‘well it`s at home with you where we left it,’ and she`s like ‘no it`s not here,’” Amber recalled.

The family’s maroon Toyota Sienna was missing, along with strollers, car seats and other personal items left inside.

“We thought because we put a lot of pictures on Facebook, we thought maybe someone knew we weren’t there,” said Billy Morris, Amber’s husband.

“It was a very stressful point in our day,” Amber said.

Amber’s mom called police and filed a report. The van was stolen early Saturday morning, just a few hours before they came home from the hospital.

“It was our life for a little bit. It`s how we get everywhere, we`re very active,” said Amber.

Amber and Billy have six children now. They’re also taking care of their nephew.

It`s only been two days since they’ve been home, but Billy works long hours, and they’re worried about getting around without two cars.

“We have to have a vehicle big enough for all of us to fit into it,” said Amber.

They’re thankful their boys were born healthy. They said the van was the least of their worries at the time, but now that everyone is home safe, they want answers.

“I’m hoping it`s just like they took it, and everything`s in it and the girls had a lot of softball equipment and stuff, they love playing softball, we actually had games yesterday and they had to borrow gloves and all that stuff,” Billy said. “I’ve been up at night, looking through the windows, every time I hear the dogs barking, I wake up and I actually went outside at two in the morning walking around the yard, so yeah, I sleep uneasy now.”

Shawnee police say the van was found abandoned in Kansas City, Kansas with the tags still on.

Kansas City, Kansas police say they found the van at 114th and Kimball in KCK early Sunday morning. The Morris family still hasn’t gotten it back because police are getting fingerprints from it.

The family hopes they find out who did it, and they get their van back the way it was, with everything still inside.