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SHAWNEE, Kan. — The Pokemon Go craze has people out getting exercise and meeting new people as they crisscross the city looking for the animated Pokemon creatures. There are some people, however, who wish Pokemon Go would go away.

Garyn Gorub and his family live in Shawnee, and he says the Pokemon app is making money on the invasion of his privacy.

The creators of Pokemon Go have placed an invisible gym in his yard that can only be seen by people playing the game on their phone.

For a week, Gorub and his wife had no idea why there was so much strange activity at their house. Freaked out about it, Gorub tried to get answers from someone who looked like he was stalking their home.

“He sped off and I followed him to his house, he pulled into the driveway and pulled into the garage and shut the garage door before I could even ask him what was going on,” said Gorub.

Gorub also described another incident that scared his family when they thought something illegal might be taking place in front of their home.

“My wife saw a vehicle out here with a sketchy looking guy in it, and there was kids that came up to his window to talk to him. They walked away and (he) had his phone up and was playing the game apparently, but she thought he might be taking pictures of the kids, I don’t know. This is really strange stuff going on so we just called police and let them talk to the guy,” he explained.

Parts of the game don’t bother this firefighter and father of two. He supports that Pokemon Go gets children out walking around, riding their bikes and getting exercise. It is the adults that come around in the middle of the night, walking around his house acting sketchy that has him frustrated.

Eleven p.m., midnight, even into the early morning hours, Gorub says, trespassers cause his dogs to bark, waking up his family, including 9-month-old twins.

Gorub says he has tried twice to contact Niantic Labs, creator of the game, to have them remove the gym from his yard. There has been no response, so Gorub has taken matter into his own hands. Instead of scooping the poop of his two big dogs into the garbage can, “recently we’ve been moving the poop to the areas that are more high traffic to keep people from entering our yard so much,” said Gorub. “I don’t know how effective that is but it makes me feel better.”

Instead of randomly placing characters all over the place, Gorub says the people in charge of Pokemon Go should be more mindful about choosing locations.

There is a 30-acre park right behind his house that would be a much better place for the Pokemon gym that sits on his property.